What do you play on Ancient Visionz?  Death Metal, Thrash, Doom, Desert Rock, Blues, Traditional Heavy Metal, Sludge

Where do I send submissions?  ancientvisionz@gmail.com

Can you do interviews on the show?  Yes on our chat radio show Paradigm Radio.

Are the shows recorded?  Yes.

How can I listen to the shows?  Go to this link here & the full url is: thewastelands.listen2myshow.com

What do you review/interview?  Death Metal, Thrash, Doom, Metal, Heavy Metal, Desert Rock, Sludge, HC Punk, Grindcore, HC, Crust, D-Beat, Underground Hip Hop (boom bap, conscious hip hop, hc hip hop, real hip hop).

Any other music promoted?  Sometimes we will promote reggae, blues, soul, and anything that catches our attention that is good.







Underground metal/punk/hc, & underground hip hop

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