About Ancient Visionz

Ancient Visionz was created and founded in 2015 after disbanding a previous punk/hc site. I desired to represent a wider range of music, which led to the formation of Ancient Visionz. Our aim is to promote & feature underground metal, punk/hc, and underground hip hop. We are an independent site with a professional manner, but also a strong sense of humor. Its important to remember, a good giggle is one of the best super powers any of us can possess.

We cover:

Metal: Death Metal, Thrash, Doom, Traditional Heavy Metal, Desert Rock, Sludge, Metal.

Punk: Crust, D-Beat, Grind, HC Punk, Real Punk.

Other music we feature: Underground Hip Hop, Soul, Blues, & Reggae.

Outside of promotion through the site, I host various radio shows, showcasing some of my favorite music from the underground scenes.

Current radio shows are:

Ancient Visonz (Underground/Indie Metal)

The Wastelands (Punk/HC).

Crimson Bones (Thrash Metal).

Paradigm Radio (Talk Radio).
DIY released through the Ancient Visionz site. Interviews, movie talk, nerd chat, underground hip hop, & underground music.

About Gaz, creater & founder of Ancient Visionz

I first got the itch to promote non mainstream music in 2007, which led to me presenting various DIY radio shows for metal/punk on Brutal Existence Radio. I also self released further radio shows covering punk/hc, and hip hop. During that period I wrote for my own punk site and independently released charity compilations to help the vulnerable. I wanted to promote and continue to work with a wider range of music, which led to the creation of Ancient Visionz. My former punk/hc site, wasn’t an accurate reflection of what I was doing, so I needed a site to bring all of my interests and love for music together in one place.

I’m also part of Planet X Records, an independent underground hip hop label, and have been with the label since 2011. We regularly host a chat radio show called Paradigm Radio, which has been on and off air since 2011. The show features guests from underground music and indie film.

Metal, punk, and hip hop are sacred to me, and nothing excites me more than sharing that passion with others. I also hold a great interest in movies, comics, soccer, basketball, skating, snowboarding, and gaming. Sometimes I’ll write about them for the site to freshen things up from time to time.



Underground metal/punk/hc, & underground hip hop